eMetric makes it possible
to gain detailed insight
into any kind of network.

eMetric is a suite of software tools and hardware platforms designed to automatically measure, monitor and report on network performance. It is specifically designed to maximise the range of test and monitoring functionality available without impacting on end-users or the network.

eMetric makes it possible to gain detailed insight into any kind of network.

eMetric key features

network monitoring


Gather network information to be able to create network graphs and reports from predefined tests.

real time monitoring

Real Time

Enables you to create real time insight of your networks performance.

ease of management

Ease of

A web-based User Management system, supporting multiple users with various levels of access. Ability to remotely update firmware of probes.

technology agnostic


The device has been designed to be able to work with any network connection.

modular design


Small form factor, which uses minimal power, easy to deploy and highly scalable.

proven technology


Over 12 years proven field experience with many years of live data collected.


For over 12 years Enex TestLab has been designing, building, commissioning and maintaining network performance monitoring facilities and delivering ongoing testing and reporting services.
The eMetric device has the capability to evaluate, analyse, report and track on the performance of a network service. The network performance is measured from a hardware device to monitor the quality of the service delivered to the user. The results provide our clients metrics to measure, analyze and improve network services.

  • Network Bottlenecks
  • End User Quality
  • Download/Upload and Latency analysis
  • Performance metrics
  • Application Performance
  • Web Availability
  • Collation of Performance data
  • Black Spot identification

User Friendly

Accessible via a central web-console, the probes will give detailed insight to:

  • Network performance (single and
    multi-threaded download and upload speed)
  • Network latency
  • Network availability
  • Application Performance
  • Webpage load speeds
  • Voice and video quality of service
  • Remote network monitoring
    (end-user and service provider).
  • Custom modules